A family has been told their cakes are not being served in the US due to a lack of space

A family is suing a bakery that they claim has a “largely vacant” and “disorganized” bakery.

The bakery’s owners are claiming they have not been given any time to develop a business plan and have been left with no choice but to take their cake and eat it too, the New York Post reports.

The suit alleges that the family has to move to an undisclosed location because of a lack in space, food storage space, and labor to produce the cakes.

The family said they have been forced to move from the house where they were living to a vacant lot because they were unable to secure space for their two small children, ages six and five, to eat their cakes and cookies, according to the newspaper.

The lawsuit alleges the bakery’s owner, Michael Cusick, is refusing to make the necessary changes to the business to make it viable.

The Post reported that the lawsuit, filed on Wednesday, claims that Cusik has been in business for just over a year.

It claims that since 2011, Cusink has failed to pay rent, pay taxes, pay wages, and pay bills.

The complaint alleges that Cushick has failed on a number of occasions to pay his bills, including in 2016, when his company was sued by the city of Miami.

It alleges that on January 17, 2016, the family moved out of the house to a warehouse on the west side of Miami that has been occupied by Cusok for the last three years, the Post reports, citing the lawsuit.

The company has also failed to comply with the terms of a contract the family signed with Cuskin.

The owner of the bakery, Joseph Cusk, said in a statement, “My family is working hard to reopen our business and provide the highest quality cakes and desserts for the loyal customers that have been coming to us for years.”

He added, “We are hopeful that this lawsuit will be dismissed.

We are proud to be serving a community that is committed to supporting the LGBT community and we intend to make a positive impact on the community by serving the LGBT Community.”

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