Apple pie bakery is moving to new space in Denver

Next Big Futures is a new Denver-based online retailer with a mission to deliver quality, affordable goods at reasonable prices to consumers.

The company plans to open its first Denver store in October, and its new space will be on the first floor of the former AEG Live space at 1235 S. Washington St. The space will have a rooftop terrace and will offer an expansive outdoor seating area, as well as a small bar and a bar and restaurant, according to a release.

The first store is expected to open in October and the company will start accepting orders by mid-February.

The store will be located in a space previously occupied by the Boulder-based Colorado Apparel Warehouse, which is now owned by a company that plans to sell its remaining stock.

Next Big futures is the latest in a growing list of Denver-area companies looking to expand their presence beyond their current locations.

In September, The Denver Post reported that local startup Glimpse Fitness was considering opening a second Denver store, as did the Colorado Apparent store, which was also rumored to be looking to open a second store.

And in August, Colorado Appear was rumored to have opened a third store.

Both Next Big and Glimpe Fitness have been looking to build a presence in Denver.

In addition to a Denver store opening in early October, Next Big is also looking to tap into the new Colorado retail market.

Last year, Next Bins closed its Boulder location in 2018.

The Boulder-area store was purchased by the company that will now run it.

In 2018, Next Bin closed its Denver location.

At that time, the company announced that the location would open a new location in Denver later this year, but that location would not be the second location it would open in Denver, as it had previously announced.

Next Bin is planning to close all of its Denver locations in 2020.

The Denver-specific store will have seating for about 40 people, according, but the Boulder store will only have seating capacity of 30 people.

The new Denver store will not have a patio.

The next Boulder store, meanwhile, will only offer seating capacity for about 20 people.

It is unclear how much Next Big plans to charge for the Denver store.

Next big will also open its second Denver location this year.

In August, the Denver Post announced that Next Big would open its Denver store at 1250 S. Ninth St. in early 2019.

The location is expected, though, to be only open to its customers who live within the Denver metro area.

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