Bird’s Eye, Bird’s Nest: The new bitcoin startup that’s raising funds

Bird’s eye is the latest in a line of bitcoin startups to get their feet wet in the cryptocurrency space.

The company, Bird, is an app that allows users to make payments and send them to a third party for later retrieval.

Bird’s head of operations, Nick Dyer, is a former investment banker and founder of bitcoin exchange BitInstant, who joined the company in August as a partner.

Bird is also the second bitcoin company to be acquired in the past two weeks.

Bird received a $25 million seed round in January and a $50 million Series A round in October.

Its founders are also among the top investors in bitcoin, with angel investors including BitGo Ventures and New Enterprise Associates.

Bird has been developing Bird’s app since August.

It’s the latest bitcoin startup to join the blockchain space.

CoinDesk was unable to independently verify that the funding was from AngelList, which has raised $100 million in capital for bitcoin startups since 2015.

Bird was acquired after the company raised $8.7 million in a Series B round in late October.

Bird said in a statement that it was a “very challenging decision” to acquire Bird, but that the company would keep its focus on its mission of enabling the sharing of goods and services in the marketplace.

Bird launched as a crowdfunding campaign in October, but it has raised more than $11 million in funding so far.

The Bird app lets users make payments using bitcoin, but Bird plans to expand its services beyond the bitcoin space in the future.

Bird plans on integrating the blockchain with the Apple Pay app for its iOS and Android apps, and is working on a new desktop wallet for its desktop apps, according to Dyer.

Bird also plans to work with blockchain and cryptocurrency startups to provide them with the tools and expertise they need to build more secure apps. reports that Bird’s Series B funding comes from BitInstant Ventures, Digital Currency Group, New Enterprise Partnership, and The New Enterprise Fund.

The AngelList funding follows other recent acquisitions of bitcoin companies, including Coinbase, a startup that provides an online marketplace for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and BTC China, a company that provides bitcoin trading platforms in China.

Bird raised $7.2 million in its first round of funding in September 2017, and the company is currently valued at $4.6 million.

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