California bakery that sells flower bouquets gets a ‘B’ rating from the state’s food and safety regulators

A flower shop in California is facing a food safety scare after an employee in her 50s was hospitalized with a potentially deadly infection after the bakery received an outbreak of E.coli-like bacteria.

The California Department of Public Health reported the infection occurred on July 26 at the California Baking Company.

The worker had no previous illnesses.

The department said the patient tested positive for E. coli and then tested negative on July 30, but a second case was detected on July 31.

The health department said both patients were treated and released, but both were hospitalized with the same infection.

The two patients are currently in stable condition.

According to a news release from the California Department, the health department is investigating whether the two illnesses were caused by the same person.

A company representative told the Associated Press that the worker is no longer employed by the company and that the investigation is ongoing.

The department said it will release further information on the investigation at a later date.

California Baking Co., located at 5201 West Broadway in the city of Los Angeles, received a letter from the health care department in late July stating the bakery has been “incorrectly diagnosed with E. Coli and other potentially serious infections.”

The letter said the company received a second infection on July 28.

The restaurant has since been closed and the health and safety department is currently investigating whether it should be inspected.