French bakeries to offer free red ribbon for Christmas

French bakery Target has teamed up with a French bakery to offer a free red-carpet welcome to all customers on December 25. 

Target will be giving out 10 red-checkered ribbons on Christmas Eve for the first time ever, as part of the bakery’s new “Red Ribbon Day” initiative. 

The red-coloured ribbons will be awarded to customers who have the biggest social media presence for their favourite holiday food or products. 

“We wanted to celebrate this special occasion by showing our customers how much we love them and how we support them through our support and collaboration programs,” Target spokesperson Kate Smith told the BBC.

“We’re also excited to announce the launch of Red Ribbon Day, which we hope will be a great day of social networking for all our customers.”

The announcement comes just a few weeks after Target announced a special “Red” Day offering, in which customers can enjoy free food for up to 30 minutes during the holiday season.

“Our Red Ribbon day offering is designed to encourage customers to take advantage of our Red Ribbon Program and make the most of their time at Target, by celebrating their holiday season,” Target said in a statement.

“This special offer is available to Target® members with the purchase of a Red Ribbon Package.”

Target is hoping the Red Ribbon offer will encourage customers and their families to visit the store and buy their holiday meals.

“The red ribbon program has helped Target customers save money, enjoy free breakfast, and have the opportunity to participate in fun events like the Christmas Tree Lighting,” Smith added.