Guatemala is launching a new sugar bakery for people with celiac disease

Guatemalan bakery chain Coco’s has launched a gluten free bakery for those with celiaire and is now offering it to customers in the country’s capital.

Coco’s owners, Ana and Ricardo Mendez, opened Coco’s in October last year and had the idea for a sugar bakery when they decided to open a bakery in Guatemala City.

“We wanted to give people who have celiac a place to be, and we were told it’s too expensive in Guatemala,” Ana Mendez told El Diario.

“But, there was no other place for us to be and it was too expensive.

So, we thought, why not have a sugar store and we wanted to open Coco’s bakery in the center of Guatemala City.”

The owners decided to make Coco’s a gluten-free bakery after they found out that many people with the condition have trouble eating gluten and were not able to tolerate it.

Coco said they also found out about a company called Tango which sells gluten- free products and had decided to give Coco’s sugar shop a try.

Coco then asked a couple of people to make the first batch of Coco’s gluten free cookies, but after only one batch, they decided that they should do a larger batch of cookies and sell it online.

Coco has now sold almost 20,000 cookies, making it the world’s largest gluten free cafe.

Coco and Mendez said they have found that a gluten sensitive person will enjoy the food.

Coco is now open to anyone with celitis and is looking for people who want to help make it even better.

Coco sells gluten free products including breads, cakes, pastries, and cookies, and has launched an app to offer gluten-sensitive customers a gluten safe option.

The company is also planning to open another sugar bakery, which will offer gluten free cakes, cookies, candies, muffins, and more.

Coco will soon start selling gluten free desserts, cookies and other products on its website.

Coco also recently announced that it has launched another gluten-safe bakery in El Salvador.

Coco says its gluten-friendly products are the best in the world, and it will be selling its gluten free sweets and baked goods to consumers in the United States and other countries.

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