How much does a new sandwich cost in Chicago?

The price of a sandwich at the new Chicago-based sandwich chain Leonard’s Bakery is up by almost 50 percent since the beginning of the year, the chain announced on Tuesday.

The chain, founded in 2008, began selling sandwiches with two ingredients: ground turkey and ground lamb, as well as a variety of other meat options.

But the brand has now gone on sale for the first time since February, and the price has skyrocketed by more than 150 percent, from $4.99 to $8.49, according to Leonard’s website.

“We’ve had to adjust the pricing on a couple of different things in order to be able to stay competitive,” said Todd Leonard, Leonard’s chief executive officer.

“We had to go to a new location, which meant we had to change our prices on a few different items.”

In a statement, Leonard said that the price increase is part of a broader trend in the company’s menu that’s been fueled by the company being able to increase the number of items available to customers.

The move comes amid an overall shift in the sandwich industry, which has seen companies like The Chicago Pizza, which opened a branch in the city last week, focus on creating better options and offering better quality ingredients, instead of trying to be the next Subway.

“This is an important time for Leonard’s as we begin to open up our sandwich shop,” Leonard said in the statement.

“It is exciting to have the opportunity to bring new sandwiches to our customers and to create new customers for us.”

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