How to avoid being eaten by the Argentine bakery

If you’re going to the Buenos Aires bakery, you might want to prepare for some unexpected and potentially unpleasant encounters.

The Argentine bakery chain, The Argentinian Bakery, has recently begun to open a new location in Buenos Aires.

Its website says it is a “small-batch artisan bakery in a small space” that serves traditional Argentine fare.

It also promises a “bakery with a touch of Italy.”

According to a local newspaper, it’s located in the former city of Tarragona.

Its menu promises “fresh, seasonal ingredients with a taste of Italy, a unique twist on classic breads.”

It is not the first time The Argentinians has opened a bakery in Argentina.

In 2015, the company opened a second location in Tarrago, and the owners have since relocated to Buenos Aires, with a new website and new menu.