How to bake your own cake in less than an hour

This is a post I started about a year ago. 

I started baking a cake that’s quick and easy, and that’s about the most important thing I can think of when I’m baking a new cake. 

Here’s how to make it. 

A couple of tips to make the cake a little more cakey and less cakey than normal. 

First, it takes a lot of work to make a cake like this, but you can do it in the oven if you want. 

Second, you want to leave room for the top layer of cake to rise up on top of the cake, so you can bake it a little shorter and a little taller, so that the cake stays fresh longer. 

Third, the cake has to be a little smaller than the cake you want it to be, because it’s meant to be served with a cookie.

Fourth, if you’ve got a larger cake, you might want to add some cream cheese frosting to help make it look a little prettier. 

Finally, make sure you bake it in a large, shallow pan so that it’s not overcrowded and that the top of your cake will bake evenly. 

You’ll have a much better cake when you’ve mastered this process.