How to buy Italian Bakery Cake in Australia

The price of an Australian bread, bakery cake or Italian pastry can be found online for a few cents less than the same product sold at a major U.S. grocery store, a Bloomberg survey found.

The survey of more than 3,500 people across the U.K., U.U. and Australia by Publix, Coles, Aldi and Loblaws showed that an Australian bakery cake with a 10-cent-per-gram markup at an Australian supermarket was worth $4.70, compared with $8.10 for a U.N. standard size.

For an Italian baker cake, the same price was $7.60.

The survey also showed that Australians spent a lot more than the U and U.KS. shoppers did on Italian breads, and that Australians bought significantly more than Americans.

The average Australian spent $9.35 on a cake with 10 grams of flour and 1.5 teaspoons of baking powder.

In the U, that was $8, and in the U.-KS, it was $12.35.

In the U-KS, the average was $4 for a standard size and $2 for a giant.

In Australia, an average price for a bread with 10-gram flour was $6.25, compared to $5.80 for a 10 gram standard size, according to the survey.

An average price of Italian bakery cakes was $15.80 in the country, compared for U.J. to $19.60 in Australia, the survey found, while in the UK, it averaged $18.40.

“The Australian consumer has a lot of disposable income, and they are also very happy to spend it,” Andrew Cripps, chief executive of Coles Australia, said in a statement.

“The Australian dollar is strong and it is a good thing for Australian business.”

The U. S. dollar strengthened on Monday after reports suggested that China was considering a move to restrict imports of wheat and corn from the U., and a U-S.

trade agreement was being finalized with Japan.

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