How to make a Marias cake

Marias are the best baked goods in Italy.

They’re so easy to make and they have a delicious taste and smell that’s perfect for fall.

However, you’ll want to make your own.

Here’s how to make them yourself.


Wash your hands thoroughly, including the back of your hands, before you begin to prepare them.

You’ll want this to be as clean as possible.


Add your marias, cinnamon and cloves to a bowl.


Make sure to leave them to cool completely.

This will help them keep their shape and keep the flavours together.


If you’re using an electric mixer, add the water to it. 5.

Make a well in the centre of the bowl.

Add a couple of tablespoons of the batter and stir until the mixture becomes a ball.


Add the remaining ingredients.

Mix until combined.


Let the marias cool completely and you’ll have a cake ready to eat.

How to Make Marias Cake