How to make an ice cream sundae: ice cream maker and a baker

From the New York Times: …

A small shop in Valenzuela, Argentina, known as the Valenzielas Bakery, has turned out a sundae for the holidays: a big one that is stuffed with strawberries, ice cream and whipped cream, and topped with a marshmallow.

But the shop owner, José Luis Fernández, has been making his own version of ice cream for years, making it by hand at home.

The homemade ice cream is the perfect complement to the traditional traditional ice cream at his shop, known in the neighborhood as the ‘Valenzuelas Bakeria’ or the ‘Barrio’ for its white-tiled façade and narrow lanes that are lined with bakeries.

A popular specialty at the shop is the ‘barrio barrio’ — a combination of a large cone filled with whipped cream and a chocolate bar with a frosting.

It is also a popular dessert at the ‘Añejo’ restaurant, where Fernántez has been working for decades.

He has made sundaes for over two decades, including one that was the inspiration for the shop’s name, the ice cream shop.

He makes the sundae in three steps: First, he uses the ingredients from the icecream cone to make a custard that is thick and creamy.

Second, he marinates the ice for about an hour and uses the custard to make the topping.

Third, he dries and roasts the sundaes in the oven to keep them soft.

Fernánda says he has no problem with customers coming in and ordering the ice-cream sundae.

He says he is happy with the customer feedback he has received from the public.

“I love this,” he says.

“People want to come in, they like it, they love it, and they say it’s a good way to celebrate.”

The ‘barrios’ custard is used to make one of the ice creams, the ‘cobra’ sundae, at the Valencias Bakies, a popular ice cream spot in the small, white-and-white-tinted town of Valenzue, about 25 miles south of Buenos Aires.