How to make the most of the best Smithers bakery in Sydney

A couple of weeks ago, I was chatting to a friend about his new apartment and he mentioned the Smither’s Bakery.

I told him that there was no Smither, but that he should try it.

It was like an alchemy moment for me.

I’d never heard of Smither before, but I had heard good things about the place.

Smither was a bakery that opened in the 1960s, which was a small town in Victoria’s south-west.

It still stands today, but its current owners have made it one of the city’s best-known bakeries.

It started with the same basic recipe that the Smathers have been making for decades, but with a twist.

For decades, Smither had a large, well-stocked menu with some of the freshest, best-crafted cakes, pies, and pastries you’d find in Australia.

And, with a handful of additions, Smather’s had one of Australia’s best breakfast joints.

I was impressed.

Smather had a great menu and some of my favourite dishes were the smoked bacon, sausage, eggs, and gravy.

The smoky, smoky flavours were the real draw of Smather.

The Smither bakery was a big part of the breakfast menu at the Smiley, a cafe in the city that also serves brunch and lunch.

It has been my favourite cafe in Sydney for decades.

So I was excited to try the Smothers, but it wasn’t until I had lunch at the breakfast buffet that I really realised what I was missing.

The breakfast buffet at Smiley in Sydney.

Photo: Justin McManus/Getty Images The breakfast was a mix of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I found the breakfast to be a mixture of both savoury and savourless.

There was bacon, eggs and bacon-and-sausage sandwiches, bacon-fried eggs, eggs-and a sausage-fried egg, a bacon-grilled bacon, bacon and bacon sandwiches, and more.

But it was the meat on the menu that was the real highlight.

The meat was all fresh from the Smuthars farm, cooked to perfection and served in a special Smather sandwich with smoked sausage, cheese, bacon, and sausages.

The bacon was fresh, it was smoky and smoky.

I couldn’t help but notice that the bacon was smudgy and dry, which I love, and the sausage had a sweet, salty, smokiness to it.

I had a burger on my plate, and it was cooked to an amazing perfection.

The burger was cooked perfectly, and not overly greasy.

And the sausage on the burger was absolutely amazing.

I would definitely come back here again.

It’s one of those restaurants where the food is good but the experience is good.

It doesn’t have a huge menu, but the breakfast is worth every penny.

I think the best thing about the Smith’s is the atmosphere, which is a combination of old-school and modern.

It also features a huge selection of delicious coffee and teas.

It really is a place to be when you’re looking for a unique experience.

If you’re into breakfast, Smiley is the place to go.

I can’t wait to go back.

I’m not sure I’ve ever had a better breakfast.

If Smither doesn’t exist in your town, Smollyys breakfast menu is the best in the world.

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