‘I am a wildflower’: A man, his dog and his bakery

A man who lost his mother to cancer has been forced to give up the idea of a traditional bakery for the time being after a man’s dog was found to have cancerous cells.

The Lad Bible bakery in Wollongong, Victoria, closed on Monday and a family friend took over the business from the father of the bakery.

“I am very sad for the business but also for the family,” Mr Larkins said.

“We have been in business for almost 20 years.”

Our hope is to get a new owner but unfortunately we have not been given a good offer.

“It’s a great loss but we will do our best to find a new location.”

The bakery, which is located at 1-30 Wollongs Road, was closed on Tuesday.

“The owner is not very pleased,” Mr Lewis said.

Mr Larkings mother, Mia, passed away in December.

“My mum was the owner and I worked for her.”

She passed away just two weeks before Christmas and I thought, how can I ever do that?

“Mr Larks mother was a big part of his life and his mother would cook him up the most beautiful things.”

But my mum would not be here today,” he said.

The family has been asked to donate to the Wollonos National Health Service.”

As we get a chance to go back to a normal life and make more money, I will take that opportunity and make the most of it,” Mr Lee said.