Italian baker gets ‘blacklist’ for selling pork pies

Palermo, Italy – The Italian bakery owner of a bakery in a residential area of Palermese village has been “blacklisted” by the local authorities for selling pizza, a local news outlet reported Sunday.

The report said the owner of the pizzeria, named Sami’s, was arrested last week for allegedly violating the “red flag” law, which forbids restaurants from offering pork pies and other products from animals slaughtered in the country’s industrial-scale meat industry.

It said Sami was also accused of selling a “meat pie” from a pig who had died of “cancer” after being slaughtered in Palerma.

The local prosecutor’s office declined to comment on the report, but the regional administration has launched an investigation into Sami, according to local media.

The “red-flag” law is named after the region’s traditional practice of slaughtering pigs and cows, which is the countrys biggest source of meat.

A report last year by the World Health Organization found that as many as 90% of Palermese pig carcasses are destined for human consumption, but not meat.