Italian bakery bar has a quirky name and quirky business

Italian bakery chain Alessi Bakery Bar in Rome has had its quirky name taken off as it is now known as the “Rustic Baking Bar”.

Italian bakery chain has been called the “rustic baking bar” by the Italian website of the New York Times.

The website said that the name of the chain’s owner was a reference to the rustic, rural areas in Italy.

“The rustic and the country, it’s the rustics and the countryside,” said owner Antonello Rizzuto.

“It’s very, very rural, very, little houses.

It’s a place where people come for the spirit of the place, not just for the money.” 

The chain’s motto is “a simple, unpretentious, beautiful place”, according to the website.

It was founded in 1986 by Rizzutos brother Alessandro and wife, Gabbana.

The family had a number of successful bakeries in Italy, including Alessia, Bagnoli and Alfa Romeo.

In 2001, it opened a second location in New York City, a location that has been named the “best in the world” by The Wall Street Journal.

The Rizzuti brothers own a number other Italian bakeries and bakeries of their own in Italy as well as in the US.

The Italian company was founded by Rizetti, who also worked as a food and beverage designer at the Michelin-starred Del Fratello restaurant chain in Paris.

It is currently owned by Ria Maria Rizzutti.

“Our family has a history of working with talented, innovative and creative people who are driven by their passion for creating a simple and unique atmosphere,” Rizzotti said.

“This is a unique brand, but it’s a very simple, simple philosophy.”