Japanese bakery’s owner dies in Japan

A Japanese bakery owner has died in Japan.

The Japanese bakery chain Ajinomoto opened its first store in Nagano Prefecture in March and has now opened two other stores in Tokyo and Osaka.

According to the company’s website, the Ajino bakery store will be the oldest in Japan and will remain open for at least one year.

The bakery is also the only one in Japan with a 100% Japanese-owned name.

“The owner of the Aijinomoto bakery chain, who died of heart failure on Sunday, was a well-known and loyal customer,” the Aiken Times reported.

Ajinos store has a variety of foods that include katsu-roku (Japanese hot-pot), tsukuhachi (Japanese ramen), takoyaki (taro), yuzu-yaki (sweet corn), yakisoba (rice), yaki (vegetable soup), kake-yakigai (mashed potato), and other specialty items.

Aijins website describes the products as “deliciously diverse” and features a variety, including hot-pots, ramen, yaki, and kake.

The company also sells a range of products, including cookies, snacks, fruit, and drinks.

The Ajinonomoto website says the restaurant was established in 2013 and is owned by a family of four.