Mexican bakery wins $1.8M in lawsuit over Trump immigration policy

Moreno, N.M. — A Mexican bakery in the state of New Mexico has won a federal lawsuit over President Donald Trump’s immigration policy that says the ban unfairly targeted Mexicans and minorities.

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New Jersey on Tuesday ordered the bakery, Sunmerry Bakery, to pay $1,085,000 in damages to the federal government.

The lawsuit said Sunmerries owners, Miguel and Marisol Solorio, were victims of unlawful discrimination.

It says the Trump administration’s ban on U.N. visas for Mexican immigrants violates the Constitution.

Sunmerry is owned by a father and his son, Miguel Solorio.

Miguel Soloria is a lawyer.

The Solorres and their attorneys did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Sun Merries owners are part of the Solorros family, and they were among the first Mexican-Americans to join the U.P.T.O. group, a civil rights group.

The Solorris have been members of the U.,P.W.T., for over 40 years.

Sunmerrie’s owners were also the first Latinos in the group.