New York City’s newest food truck opening on June 30, 2019

Black Forest Bakery is the newest food-truck company in the New York metropolitan area, and its opening on the last day of July is sure to draw a lot of attention.

Located at 5910 Broadway, the truck has been called “the next big thing” in the food truck scene.

While many food trucks have started in the city, Black Forest is the first to be fully dedicated to catering to the larger black market.

Black Forest will offer fresh homemade pastries, sandwiches, salads, and breakfast sandwiches for $4.50.

The first truck to arrive in New York will be available to the public starting on July 30.

Black Farm Cafe and Bakery Owner and co-owner, Jodi Tarr, says that her business has been struggling with a lack of customers in recent years.

“I’ve been catering to my black market clients since 2008, but I just haven’t been able to find a way to cater to them,” Tarr said.

“It was the perfect time to bring my new truck into the black market.”

Black Forest’s bakery will be serving sandwiches, pastries and salads with the option of a variety of toppings, including a selection of cheeses, pickles, onions, cucumbers, bacon, and more.

“Our menu will have a lot more variety than most, and we will be adding to it,” Tarp says.

Black Seed Cafe, which opened in Brooklyn last year, has had a long relationship with the city.

The restaurant’s owner and co -owner, John Kiefer, says the Black Seed concept is different from Black Forest because it is open to the community.

“Black Seed Cafe is a community-based, vegan, vegetarian restaurant,” he says.

“We are not focused on what we think our customers will like, we are focused on the customers who will come and try us.”

The new Black Forest truck will be the first of its kind in the United States.

In 2017, Black Seed opened a brick and mortar location in Brooklyn, and in 2018, it opened in Atlanta.

The Atlanta location is still a few months away, but Tarr says Black Seed is ready to move to its new home.

“I know that we have a very solid, strong customer base,” Tar says.

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