New York’s most expensive bakery is making moreno, and we’ve got to make it ourselves

New York City’s most exclusive bakery is giving you the inside scoop on its newest venture, making morethan bakes with the help of an array of local ingredients and artisanal tools.

The Brooklyn bakery, The Baking Company, is now offering handmade breads made from a variety of ingredients sourced from local farmers. 

The bakers are using a variety and quality of materials including a high-quality roasting process that yields the perfect crust to hold the soft dough, a custom-made, air-brushed stainless steel griddle and a rotating wooden oven, with all of the necessary tools and equipment to ensure the quality and consistency of their bread.

The company is also experimenting with different ovens and different flavors, but they have already secured a large space in Manhattan, with the option to rent out for special events or special events-only events.

The Bakers say that they will continue to experiment and experiment with the new recipes, and expect to offer their bread to the public once they get more comfortable with the process.

The Baking Co. is currently only accepting orders for one day a week and is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., but they will open an outdoor space at 5 p., 10 a. and 10 p, as well as an indoor space on Tuesday.

They will also be opening a pop-up bakery at the end of October, which they hope to have ready to go by January.

The bakery also says that they are expanding their food truck business, with more trucks coming on board in the future. 

Baking Company’s website describes the bread as a mix of different types of crust, including a gluten-free dough, an air-baked crust and a baked crust made from locally grown whole grain flours and spices. 

For more details, you can visit the page or click here to visit the Brooklyn bakery’s website.