The bakery where the Duchess of Cambridge was born and raised

With her husband Prince Charles visiting the UK on a state visit, the Duchess is now facing another question that’s already been asked: When does her husband stop visiting?

For most of his life, Prince Charles has lived in the UK, but it is no longer possible to visit him there.

The Queen is now entitled to visit and spend Christmas and New Year’s in England with her husband in his absence.

This week, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are to arrive in London for the start of the Queen’s first state visit to the UK since the birth of the first Duke of York in 1216.

The royal family will be joined by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for a state dinner at Kensington Palace on Wednesday night, where guests will be offered champagne, wine and a view of Buckingham Palace from the Royal Garden.

There will also be a state reception on Thursday morning for the Queen, Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew and Prince William.

There is no official time limit on the Queen visiting Buckingham Palace.

She has been in the US for four days since being given permission by the president, Donald Trump, to visit a military installation in Virginia.

In her first state dinner as queen, she has invited some of the country’s most famous people to a reception, including President Trump, former President Barack Obama and former US Secretary of State John Kerry.

On Tuesday, the Duke also attended the annual dinner of the US President’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, which the royal family was invited to attend.

The US president’s invitation was not expected to be extended until early January, but the timing has been made much more awkward by the announcement that the White House has been asked to take a much more active role in the fight against the coronavirus.

The invitation came just a week after the Duke had a private dinner with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is a close friend of the Duke’s.

It comes as the Royal Family faces the biggest challenge in its history to contain the spread of the coronovirus, with more than 11,500 people dying in the United States this year alone.

The Queen, who will not be attending the state dinner, has also announced that she is postponing her holiday, as the US government has agreed to give her a £50,000 grant for personal care.

The Duchess of Cornwall, who has been living in Washington DC, is also facing another challenge: she will not have a state-funded holiday in the new year.