The Worst Restaurants In America

In a country where even the most mundane of restaurants are considered some of the most beautiful, the best restaurants are also some of America’s most mundane.

The National Restaurant Association recently ranked the country’s worst 10 dining experiences and the list is full of restaurants that are neither luxurious nor memorable, but instead simply bad.

And while we’re on the subject, some of these places deserve more than just a passing mention.1.

The Good Life Bakery in Denver, Colorado2.

Baking by Artisan Bread in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania3.

Blueberry Cobbler in Houston, Texas4.

New York Pizza Kitchen in New York City5.

Tonic Room in New Orleans, Louisiana6.

The Dining Room in Los Angeles, California7.

Aventura House in Tampa, Florida8.

TGI Friday’s in Houston9.

Cucina Del Mar in Los Cabos, Mexico10.

Bistro Venezia in Miami, FloridaThe list is not without its problems, but many of these restaurants have managed to carve out a niche in the increasingly busy world of American dining.

The following 10 restaurants are worthy of a second look, with some that have managed it well and others that need a little work.1) The Good Time Bakery, Denver, COThe Good Time is a place that has been serving up some of Denver’s best eats for a long time.

Owner/founder Jim Wills has been in the restaurant business for over 40 years, and has been open for about 10 years.

He has worked at other bakeries and even worked as a bartender at a local bar.

But his passion for the food was born when he was a kid, and his family moved to Denver from Georgia when he and his wife moved to town.

“I think we came up with the idea to make something that was so simple, but still was really delicious, and that was kind of my life’s passion,” Wills said.

“It was really easy to make.

It was just me, my family, and my wife.”2) The Big Oven Bakery & Café in Washington, DC3) The Rooftop Lounge in Atlanta, GA4) The Corner Bakery and Grill in New Haven, CT5) The Cheesecake Factory in Chicago, IL6) The Trolley Bakery Bakery at the Center for American Art in Philadelphia7) The Cafe De Meaux in New Jersey8) The Croissant Shop in St. Louis, MO9) The Old Man in Brooklyn, NY10) The Garden Bakery Cafe in New Bedford, MA1) New York Grill & Bar at The Plaza in New Brunswick, NJ2) Tiki Bakery Restaurant & Bar in Tampa3) Little Italy Bakery of Miami, FL4) Rancid Bakery restaurant in Tampa5) Cafe Marche in Minneapolis, MN6) Cajun Bakery on North Avenue in Baltimore7) Tijuana Bakery Bistros in Los Gatos, CA8) Little La La’s Cafe in Seattle9) T-Town Bakery bakery in Seattle10) Red Lobster in Los Altos, CaliforniaIf you’re a fan of the New York style pizza, you can’t go wrong with The Rook’s, or, if you’re in the area, you’ll be happy to hear that the T-Bar and Little La Lola are also among the best.

And if you want to go crazy on the classic French classics, head to La Tria.

While it’s not the most expensive of the places, this is a solid option if you need a classic French bakery experience.3) Olde Brooklyn BakeryBakery Owner/Operator John Deacon has been making dough since the early 1960s.

He opened the shop in 1988, and the name is pretty obvious: The Baking Company.

But it wasn’t until 2005 that he opened The Bakers, which he describes as “a family business” because he has a brother who was a baker.

“We all grew up in Brooklyn and all our kids went to school there, so we were all very involved in baking,” he said.

Deacon is a lifelong baker and has built up a reputation in New England for making the best bread in New Hampshire.

His bakery is in Staunton, VT and is known for its dough.

“Our bread is a bit different than most of the rest,” he told me.

“The dough is a very fine white dough.

We have about 40 different varieties and we’re constantly changing.”4) New England Baking and Deli in New Boston, Massachusetts5) Aventurine BakeryAventurines Baking Co. is a small bakery in Newburyport, Massachusetts that is also part of the Baking & Deli family.

Owner Jim Clements says he is a big fan of what his bakery does, especially since it has been around for

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