Trump wins the presidential election: A history lesson from the birth of America

The election is over.

Trump has won the presidency.

The election was the culmination of decades of failed policies that led to the loss of our country.

The next administration must implement the results of this election.

That is why I will be nominating Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

This will be a historic day for our country and a great day for the world.

I want to thank our veterans and our first responders for their sacrifice.

We have accomplished so much in this time.

I will continue to defend our borders and make sure the United States is always ready to defend itself.

We will build a wall along our southern border to keep out illegal immigration.

We must secure our borders.

I am a strong supporter of our National Guard and the National Guard has proven to be an effective, successful force.

As commander in chief, I will not let our military be used for political gain.

We cannot let our country become divided.

The American people have spoken and I will fight for them.

The great American dream is alive and well in our land.

The United States of America is a beacon of hope and freedom, and a beacon to the world, and we must never give up on it.

We are strong and we will not be intimidated.

The day after the election, I am going to be nominating General John Kelly as our next Secretary of Homeland Security.

He is a patriot and has proven himself to be one of the most successful military leaders in our history.

I know General Kelly, and I know that he will be an outstanding nominee.

And I know he will bring an incredible amount of experience to this important position.

In the coming weeks, we are going to make a decision about the next president.

I believe that President Trump will have a tremendous team in place to lead this great country and I look forward to working with them and our entire administration.

We just received the results today of the election.

President Trump is a man of great conviction and he will not stop until we make America great again.

Thank you very much.

The president has already said he will accept my nomination and will soon begin to prepare his team.

In order to do so, he has to sign a statement of intent.

I can confirm that he has indeed signed that statement of intention.

He has to have a signature before I can release the official nominee.

He will have to have signed a document by Monday morning.

This is a matter of process, and he has a very long road to go before he can be sworn in on Tuesday.

I’m confident that the president will make the right decision and I’m glad to work with him to get our country back on track and make America stronger.

In addition, the president has to meet with my staff to ensure that we are meeting his expectations.

And he has already indicated that he is in a position to do that.

I look very forward to that meeting.

It is time to begin preparing for the transition of power.

The first thing to do is to make sure that our transition team is up and running.

That will take time.

And so, we’re going to continue to work closely with the transition team, including with the Cabinet and the Senate.

We’re going at it.

As we speak, we have a team of more than 400 people working to ensure we get the job done.

As soon as I can, we will have an official team of President-elect Trump’s transition team assembled.

So, I’m going to keep my eye on this, as I have throughout the campaign.

We know that Donald Trump is an excellent negotiator.

I think he’s going to work hard to make America the greatest country on Earth.

He’s going be a president who will stand up for the middle class, the working families of America, and those that have nothing to lose but their chains.

He’ll work hard for our great veterans and the men and women of the armed forces.

He can do this.

The real estate mogul is a true American patriot.

I cannot wait to get started and to lead our country into the next chapter of our history and for our children.

The job that I’m about to embark upon is no different than any other in the history of our nation.

This job is not just a job.

It’s an opportunity for me to represent the interests of all Americans, and as we get closer to this day, the country is going to move into a new phase of our future.

This transition is going not only to be a huge opportunity for our economy and our people, but it is going also to be our greatest opportunity for the future of our people and our country itself.

In all my years of representing the people of this country, I have never seen a transition like this one.

It will be different from any that we’ve had before, but I’m so excited.

And if the American people can see through this, we’ll be able to make it through this.

I’ll be watching.

We’ll see you at the inauguration.

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