What’s in your neighborhood bakery? Here are our favorites

In many places, there’s nothing more enticing than a delicious baked good.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your favorite bread and prepare to experience the true joy of a delicious bakery!

Here’s what we found in our favorite bakeries in the Chicago area.1.

Collin Street Bakery A cozy bakery with a large menu that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

They’re located in the West Loop at 1425 W. Chicago Ave.

in Lincoln Park.

The owner, Gabriel, loves making his customers happy, so he uses a combination of hand-crafted breads and his own recipe to create each of his creations.

This is his take on a traditional Italian classic, but he makes it in the comfort of his own home.

The staff are friendly and helpful, and the bakery is always filled with a wide array of tasty treats, from cinnamon rolls to chocolate chip cookies.

For breakfast, they serve breakfast sausage and egg scrambles with pancakes.

You can also order their breakfast sandwich.

They also serve breakfast bread, toast, muffins, and sandwiches.

For lunch, the restaurant serves breakfast and lunch sandwiches.

You’ll find the breads from their bakery are great, but the coffee is the standout.

They use a special coffee bean and espresso blend.

The sandwiches are made with fresh ground coffee and fresh ingredients, so they’re good all year round.

They have a large variety of fresh fruit options.

They can also make your favorite sandwiches with their freshly baked cookies and pastries.

For dinner, they offer breakfast tacos, salads, soups, salads and sandwiches with egg, bacon, sausage, and hash browns.

You won’t find too many options for breakfast at this cozy place.

They offer their own coffee and espresso beans to make their breads, and they have a wide variety of breakfast drinks.2.

Collins Bakery and Bakery of the Northwest Another cozy place with a great selection of sandwiches and breakfast items.

This bakery has a large selection of breads to choose from, but it’s their bread that is the best, with the best ingredients.

The bakery also has a nice selection of coffee, tea, and other drinks, as well as a large coffee bar.

They’ll make a coffee to go and have a coffee or two at lunch.

The atmosphere at this small bakery is great, and you’ll find there’s plenty of seating.

They make their own pastries and cookies, and some of their bread has maple syrup.3.

Collings Bakery in Oak Park Another family-owned bakery in Oak Village.

This cozy spot offers breakfast, dinner and lunch with a variety of bread and coffee options.

Their bread is always freshly baked, and their bakery is usually packed during the lunchtime hours.

They specialize in breakfast sandwiches and are also known for their coffee, espresso, and tea drinks.

The breads are fresh, and your favorite sandwich is made fresh daily.

For their breakfast sandwiches, you can get a bagel, sausage rolls, muffin, toast or some kind of breakfast sausage.

For brunch, they have pancakes and pancakes with eggs and bacon.

For the lunch meal, they can serve breakfast tacos.

For a dessert option, they also serve their own hot chocolate.

For desserts, you’ll need to try their chocolate chip cookie and the strawberry vanilla cupcake.

For dessert, you’re welcome to try the apple crisp or the lemon muffin.

The decor is cozy, and there’s a great patio.4.

Collingwood Bakery & Cafe This cozy and family-oriented bakery in Colling Wood has a wide selection of traditional Italian and Scandinavian foods.

They serve a traditional breakfast, breakfast sandwiches with fresh fruit, coffee, and espresso drinks.

There’s also a coffee bar and a large outdoor patio for dining and picnicking.

The owners also offer some specialties like the traditional Italian croissants and the delicious breadsticks, which are made fresh and baked in their own kitchen.5.

Coppell’s Bakery, The Great American Baking Company This is another great Chicago bakery.

The Great A.B.B.’s are a family-run operation, which means they make breads fresh and they offer a variety options to choose.

You’re sure to find some good bread to enjoy at this friendly place.

Their breakfast sandwiches include their traditional breakfast sandwich, which includes a traditional tomato, bacon and egg sausage and a traditional ham and egg muffin with ham and cheese.

For an Italian-style breakfast, the bread is made with Italian-influenced bread and they use their own special coffee beans.

For lunches, you have to try a sandwich with their bacon and sausage.

You also can choose from a whole wheat or white bread, and each slice is fresh.

You will find a great breakfast sandwich with eggs, bacon or sausage, as the baked goods come from Co

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