What’s next for Martha’s Bakery?

Posted November 07, 2018 04:24:25By now, Martha Smith, the mother of two of the two people killed in the Aurora theater shooting, has spent more than a year trying to figure out how to rebuild her family.

Smith and her husband, David, are working with her sons and grandchildren to come up with a plan to help make it easier for them to come home, she said.

She also wants to make sure her son, Matt, has enough time to get back to school and finish his studies.

The couple said they are trying to make a financial plan that would allow the family to live off of what they earn.

They also want to be able to give the rest of their income to their daughters, a step that can help with childcare and other expenses.

Matt is only about a year older than his mother, so his sister, Amanda, has been in touch with him and is encouraging him to visit their family.

And, as she told the Des Moines Register, she is trying to be a role model for Matt by helping him make sure he has the resources needed to go to college.

She is also working on a plan for her family to make it financially viable to have a permanent home.

She said they have discussed selling their home and giving it to a charity, but it would be difficult to find the funds to make that happen.