What’s the secret to a great biscuit?

Dortoni Bakery’s biscuit recipe: “Biscuit and bacon”.

Courtesy of Dortoleti Bakery.

Dortoni’s biscuits are baked in the oven at the front of the bakery and are baked with “natural” ingredients, including apples, carrots, peaches and banana, the bakery’s website says.

“The biscuit and the bacon, together with the bacon bacon jam, are made by hand, which gives the biscuits a really authentic and unique flavour,” Dortona’s co-owner, Elvira Dortonati, told Business Insider.

Dress up for a day out with this recipe.

Photo by Elise Bauer.

The bakery has three locations in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane, and has a range of desserts including banana biscuits, chocolate and chocolate biscuits, and chocolate mousse.