When it comes to bread, a sparrow’s eye can be a bird’s eye

A sparrow has a keen sense of smell.

A sparrow can distinguish between two types of bread, said the authors of a study in the journal PNAS, and can pick out what they like and dislike.

The research, published in the prestigious scientific journal, involved two sparrows.

“They are able to pick out a lot of the flavors that they like, like saltiness, sweet and sour, and they like things with texture,” said Dr. Youssef Abu Zaidi, an associate professor of entomology and ecology at Duke University and lead author of the study.

He added that they have also been known to eat berries.

They are also adept at detecting chemicals that have been added to breads and cakes.

There are a number of species of sparrow, but Abu Zadhi said the one he found that really impressed him was a male species called the Northern Sparrow.

He said that the male sparrow is also a food-web entomologist, helping the female to pick the most nutritious berries out of the food.

Bread is a food that the sparrow uses as a way to communicate with one another.

The researchers say that sparrow-like behaviors in other animals are not unique to the spays.

This is not the first study to show that spays and their cousins are good at recognizing food.

In a study published in October 2016, researchers in France found that a species of Australian marsupial, the Northern Terrier, is capable of recognizing and responding to the odors of various types of food, including bread.

In another study, researchers found that the Northern terrier and other dogs were able to distinguish between the taste of different types of fruit and vegetables.

“In this study, the researchers found a new way for dogs to recognize different foods by their odors,” said the researchers.

And in an article in the Journal of Animal Ecology, researchers showed that they were able a dog to distinguish two types: white bread and white rice.

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