When Sunmerry Bakery opens for lunch on Friday

Sunmery Bakery is opening for lunch at its new location in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, but the bakery is also taking its signature red truck bakery to a new level.

Sunmerry has been a staple of New York’s food scene since its opening in 2011, and now the restaurant is opening its doors to lunch, as the Brooklyn Food & Wine Festival is on its first day.

Sunmers bakery will have the ability to serve its signature hot chocolate and pastries with a variety of items, including sandwiches, salads, sandwiches with bacon, and wraps.

The bakery will be open from 4 p.m. to 9 p.t. on Fridays, from 4:30 p.c. to 8:30 a.m., and from 5 p.l.c.-7 p.p.m.; and from noon to 6 p.n.c., and 4 p:m.

until midnight on Saturdays.

Sunmys newest location will feature a menu that will include: The Sunmerie Pie: an array of pies, pastries, and breads, all prepared with fresh ingredients and served in-house; The Fudge Pie: a mix of fresh fudge and chocolate cake topped with cream cheese frosting; Cinnamon Roll: a fluffy, soft cinnamon roll filled with cinnamon glaze and topped with marshmallow cream cheese icing; And the Biscuit: a classic breakfast biscuit made with biscuit dough, bacon, bacon jam, and cinnamon.

Sunmus is owned and operated by former New York Times food writer, Sunmerys pastry chef, and longtime Sunmeries customer, Mark Fischbacher.

He started the bakery with the aim of creating an all-natural bakery, and has been the pastry chef since 2015.

Fischbach said that the menu is based on what he and Sunmerries founder and president, Chris Mungo, believe the food should taste like, and the new menu item is a perfect fit for the neighborhood that Sunmer is trying to bring to life.

“Sunmery is about creating a welcoming, cozy atmosphere for everyone, but also having a place for us to showcase our passion for food,” Fischbs said.

SunMys new menu will also include items like the The Biscuette and The Butter Cake, both made with homemade and fresh ingredients.

The Biscutella and Butter Cake will be sold onsite, while the Biscuit Doughnut will be available on the patio.

Bakery is located at 100 Broadway, New York, 212-722-2085.

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