Whole Foods bakery cafe is selling to Whole Foods, says owner

The owner of a Whole Foods cafe in the Brisbane CBD says the supermarket chain is interested in purchasing the cafe and will open a full-service bakery.

“Whole Foods has a good relationship with the CBD.

They’re looking to expand there,” said owner Tony Vickers.”

We’ve had some discussions with them about a bakery and they’re also looking at buying it.”

I’ve had a very positive experience with them.

“Mr Vickers said Whole Foods had not told him when it would start to open a bakery.

He said the store was open seven days a week and had about 400 employees.”

There’s not many people working in the CBD,” he said.”

A lot of the other big food brands are looking to do in the city.

“Whole Foods cafe in Brisbane.

Source: News.au article The new bakery will be located at 431 East Brisbane Street.

It will also have a full bar and bakery kitchen and restaurant, with a full range of breads and pastries, cakes and pastas.”

This is a brand that has always been around the CBD, and that’s why we think it’s a great fit for us,” Mr Vickers told news.com!au.”

It’s a small business but the focus is to grow the business.

“The plan is to have a fully staffed bakery, which is not just a cafe.”

The bakery cafe has been in operation since 1999 and has a full menu.

The new bakery at 441 East Brisbane street.

Source (ABC News: Kate O’Connor)A new cafe will be added to the cafe chain at 461 East Brisbane St in the heart of the CBD on March 10.

It is being built by Mr Vicker’s family business, White & White and is expected to open in the spring.

“If you walk into the cafe, you’ll see a big wooden sign,” Mr Lott said.

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