Why does a Brown Sugar bakery in Georgia have a different name?

I had an opportunity to visit Magnolia Bakery in Jackson, Georgia, a little more than a week after the first batch of its chocolate chip cookies was released. 

When I visited in April, I was greeted by a man in a blue shirt and jeans who introduced himself as John. 

“We are a small family business,” he said.

“We have been doing this since 2006 and are known as Magnolia.” 

He explained that the name was chosen because Magnolia has “a lot of chocolate and we are trying to add some flavor.” 

Magnolia has been making chocolate chip cookie dough since 2007 and is a “home grown bakery,” he added. 

John told me he’d worked in a chocolate chip shop for a decade before founding Magnolia. 

He told me his father, a local chocolate chip worker, made the dough for the first batches of the chocolate chip dough and then made it himself, then sold it to the local grocery store. 

The dough is then mixed and packaged for the store to sell. 

It’s hard to explain exactly what the company is all about. 

Magnitude is the name given to the company’s two locations, which are in Jackson and Magnolia, Georgia. 

At Magnolia the cookies are made from flour and sugar and then baked and baked until they are a golden brown. 

For the first time in a while, Magnolia is using the word “baked.” 

“I don’t know if I can describe it,” said John.

“It is just the right combination of chocolate, flour, and a bit of a kick.” 

I asked John how he decided to change the name. 

Why Magnolia?

“It just felt like the right name,” he replied. 

As we sat down to eat our chocolate chip muffins, he explained that Magnolia’s founder, John, had an idea for a new brand to sell his company’s chocolate chip baked goods. 

One of his other ideas was for a chocolate cookie dough that could be made from scratch, but was baked at home. 

This was what John was after. 

To John’s surprise, he and his wife, Jennifer, decided to call the new company Magnolia Chocolate Chip. 

Makes sense to me, since Magnolia doesn’t have a cookie dough factory. 

I had my own idea of a brand, and I’d like to give them the credit. 

Jennifer, who’s worked for Magnolia since 2007, said, “I like how it is.

It’s like a family.

It is a small, family business.

It has its own history and is still growing.” 

Jennifer and John also decided to name the brand Magnolia Baked Goods. 

They told me that they wanted to be very clear that their cookies are not made with a chocolate shell. 

In the past, they have made cookies that are made with chocolate shells. 

But they decided to go with a shell.

I asked Jennifer if the company would be making any cookies with a butter shell.

She laughed and replied, “No.” 

When asked if the cookies will contain any ingredients that would give them added flavor, Jennifer replied, “No. 

We don’t use artificial ingredients. 

All of our cookies have the same consistency.” 

They also added,  “The cookies are 100% organic.” 

The cookies at Magnolia are sold in the store as a chocolate bar, but they’re made with no dairy, eggs, or preservatives. 

You can pick up a bag of cookies at the store or online. 

Like many other baked goods brands, Magnolias name is based on the company. 

According to the website, Magnolias cookies are “made with the same quality ingredients that have been at the forefront of the global chocolate industry for over 40 years.” 

John explained to me that the company has made some of its own cookies before, but the brand name is inspired by their own chocolate chip biscuits. 

There are six ingredients in the brand’s chocolate chips, all of which are made in the USA. 

That includes cocoa butter, sugar, corn starch, cocoa butter fat, cocoa powder, and cocoa powder extract. 

While I was there, I tried two of Magnolias new chocolate chip flavors, The Baked Good and The Creamy Good. 

Both were good. 

Although the two flavors were similar, they were pretty different. 

After trying the baked good, I was impressed. 

What I loved about the baked goods was the texture. 

My favorite part was the soft and buttery texture. 

  The Baked good was also easy to prepare and I was able to make the cookies a few times. 

Overall, I found the baked cookies to be a very tasty addition to my chocolate chip cupboards. 

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