Why is red truck on the menu at Red Truck?

An Australian baker is facing a backlash after her bakery featured a red truck painted on its menu.

Red truck is a traditional Australian Australian cooking style and is widely used in cooking.

However, the shop owner in question, Annabelle McManus, is not happy about the use of the popular colour, which she claims is a representation of racism.

Ms McManuses cafe is located in the suburbs of Newcastle, and features a large red truck with a “Red Truck” written on it.

“I don’t understand how they could possibly think that we are racists or insensitive to racism,” she told the ABC.

Ms Manuses cafe has been the subject of complaints from residents and local businesses, and she told The Newcastle Herald she was concerned about the “lack of respect and decency”.

“We’ve had a few people come and ask us how it’s done and why it’s on our menu, and I think they’ve probably been very rude,” she said.

“It’s not appropriate for us to be on the menus of a restaurant.”

A number of local businesses have also come out against the red truck.

The Newcastle Telegraph, in a story headlined “Red truck, racism and discrimination: the battle for Newcastle”, said Ms McMartinus had been “very upset” by the restaurant’s use of a red vehicle.

“She’s not just angry at me, she’s also angry at her customers and she’s angry at the people who are in her business,” the newspaper said.

The paper said she had received a number of complaints and was considering legal action.

A Red Truck sign has been painted on the shop front.

(Supplied: Annabel LeMans) “The fact that they painted a red car on the door and the sign that said ‘Red Truck’ is quite upsetting.”

Ms McShane said she was disappointed that the “disturbing” behaviour had been taken up by local business owners.

“What I’m really upset about is how much this has affected people’s lives,” she explained.

“There’s so many people here who work in the kitchen and they’re worried about how this has impacted them.”

Ms Manus said she could not speak for the general public, but that the local community was concerned.

“This isn’t a random thing that’s happened.

It’s something that has been happening for a long time,” she added.

Ms Tran said the shop would take the issue up with the restaurant management team.

“We’re not doing anything illegal, but we’re not going to be allowed to advertise our business here,” she warned.

“As far as I’m concerned, I can’t accept it, but it’s up to them to make the decision.”

Ms Trans owner said the restaurant would not be allowed on the premises.

“They’re making this a national issue and that’s what they’re doing,” she insisted.

“The issue isn’t about them, it’s about what’s appropriate for our restaurant.”